The Social Concern of George Soros

George Soros is known in history as a man who invested billions of money in supporting democratic politics. In his early life, George experienced quite a lot because he had a godfather who was a politician. He sometimes accompanied his godfather to his official grounds, and during the rounds, he noticed suffering among many people. However, he could not do much about it because he was a young boy with no power to offer help. He had social concern for the people but was not able to help them at that point. Soros was born in Hungary, but his family moved to England where he attended London School of Economics in London. Know more on about George Soros.

After George had completed his studies in London School of Economics, he joined a London brokerage firm where he gained experience and became proficient in international arbitrage. As mentioned above George used to work while attending school and still found something to do after graduating which shows that he was hardworking and determined in life. George saw people who were suffering as he grew up because of the many activities he was involved in as he moved around with his godfather. He wished to help at the moment but he could not, and as a result, he realized that it is money which makes the world revolve. George stated that he might also make money but having made it, he would use it to indulge in his social concerns. This fact gives a clear impression that he was concerned about the suffering he saw people going through as he was growing up.

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George was willing and ready to help just to ensure the suffering was no more. Social concerns of George Soros were focused on making the world a better place and America in particular. He was focused to make the society change into something consistent and new with his social justice vision. Soros described himself as a form or nut intending to have an impact. Inn his life he has managed to make so much money, and for this reason, he thinks it is his responsibility to give money since he has it. He believes that his responsibility to give money should be consistent with his values and agendas. He always wanted to help people from the time he was young, and since he had the time and the resources available, he made sure to make good use of them. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Amicus Therapeutics- Ethical Treatments for Rare Disease

Amicus Therapeutics is a biotechnology company located in Cranbury, New Jersey, who uses a patient centered approach for the advancement of the treatments for the diseases that are deemed rare and devastating. At Amicus Therapeutics they actually live by the motto of “Do Unto Others”, by centering their treatments and patient care in the mindset of individuals or caregivers who have the disease (GoogleFinance). They have developed enzyme replacement treatments for the disease Fabry Disease as well as Epidermolysis Bullosa which they have developed SD-101, as well as treatments for Pompe disease and Lysosomal Storage Disorders.


At Amicus Therapeutics they believe in taking smart risks, working hard, asking questions, supporting patients and their families, and developing the best and most effective treatments for those living with the disease. They believe in taking risk while providing safe treatments and learning from the mistakes they make and reaching further to correct them. In the end, they believe in one thing, Not giving up! and finding a treatment that works in a safe, effective manner.


Amicus Therapeutics executive management team includes their Chief Executive Officer, John F. Crowley who oversees the day to day scientific operations of the company to assure that the focus remains on one person, the patient. He is involved in the hiring, setting the company priorities and vision and well as the execution of the products they develop. Bradley Campbell is the companies Chief Operating Officer and has 15 years experience in creating orphan drugs. Their financial division is headed by Chip Baird who is the Chief Financial Officer. His responsibilities include investment, public relations, project cost and management.


At Amicus Therapeutics they are determined to find cures and treatments for rare and devastating disease while focusing their treatments in a moral, and ethical manner. They provide treatment and trust, in a patient centered environment.

Rick Smith Creates More Opportunities for Administrators

While most of the prisoners are supportive of Securus because of the things that they can get from the company, all of the efforts that Securus has been able to do and put into place have all been a huge part of the process for the administrators and making things easier for those who are running the prison. Rick Smith cares less about the prisoners and more about how Securus is able to help the prisons get what they need to make sure that they are secure and that the prisoners are taken care of. By providing people with the Securus services, Rick Smith is helping the prison to be able to run more smoothly and to make things better for the people who are in the prison. By doing this, Rick Smith has set the company up to become better and grow with all of the prisons in the United States.

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Rick Smith Securus is based out of Dallas, Texas, but they have spread to prisons around the country. There is no one area that Securus is more popular than others and that has helped them to grow in the way that they need to. By branching out, Rick Smith knows that things will get better and that Securus will continue to grow. There are many new options that the prison company has to offer their prisons thanks to everything that Rick Smith has done for them and the ideas that he has had for the company to keep offering different things.

While it may seem irrelevant, one of the biggest factors that has made things better for Rick Smith is the fact that he has a degree in engineering. This degree, combined with the experience that he has, made it easier for him to develop things like the kiosks. It also helped him to come up with detailed plans to make the prisons function more smoothly. Even the distribution methods that he uses for the commissary products and the options for the prisons are heavily influenced by the engineering experience that he has with the different companies he worked for in the past. Visit for more info.

Rick Smith has always done his best to make prisons better and to promote a better workplace for the people who are there. Securus is a project that he has been working on as the CEO and it has come a long way in the years that he has been there. While he started nearly 10 years ago, Securus has grown by a lot in the time that they have had him as the CEO. It is a great way for people to be able to get more from the industry and from the companies that work with the prisons.