Amicus Therapeutics- Ethical Treatments for Rare Disease

Amicus Therapeutics is a biotechnology company located in Cranbury, New Jersey, who uses a patient centered approach for the advancement of the treatments for the diseases that are deemed rare and devastating. At Amicus Therapeutics they actually live by the motto of “Do Unto Others”, by centering their treatments and patient care in the mindset of individuals or caregivers who have the disease (GoogleFinance). They have developed enzyme replacement treatments for the disease Fabry Disease as well as Epidermolysis Bullosa which they have developed SD-101, as well as treatments for Pompe disease and Lysosomal Storage Disorders.


At Amicus Therapeutics they believe in taking smart risks, working hard, asking questions, supporting patients and their families, and developing the best and most effective treatments for those living with the disease. They believe in taking risk while providing safe treatments and learning from the mistakes they make and reaching further to correct them. In the end, they believe in one thing, Not giving up! and finding a treatment that works in a safe, effective manner.


Amicus Therapeutics executive management team includes their Chief Executive Officer, John F. Crowley who oversees the day to day scientific operations of the company to assure that the focus remains on one person, the patient. He is involved in the hiring, setting the company priorities and vision and well as the execution of the products they develop. Bradley Campbell is the companies Chief Operating Officer and has 15 years experience in creating orphan drugs. Their financial division is headed by Chip Baird who is the Chief Financial Officer. His responsibilities include investment, public relations, project cost and management.


At Amicus Therapeutics they are determined to find cures and treatments for rare and devastating disease while focusing their treatments in a moral, and ethical manner. They provide treatment and trust, in a patient centered environment.

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  1. I think that for their to be efficiency in healthcare service delivery there is the need to have innovations like this coming up that can stir things to a whole new level. I think offers a better approach to the whole concept. I really love what is going on at Amicus Therapeutics because what they are doing is bound to create more solutions to most health challenges that we have been encountering over time. Good work I must say.

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