Securus Technologies Making Life in Prison More Tolerable

Each year our state prison gets more crowded, yet our staff remains the same. This means that each year my team of corrections officers are outnumbered by a bigger margin, and that can put a tremendous amount of pressure on us to maintain order. In all of Florida, our state prison has the highest concentration of violent gang members, which just adds more fuel to an already burning fire.


There are a few ways that we try to keep incidents from getting out of control. Despite the inmates having free reign in the yard, if we can eliminate drugs and weapons from the mix, we have a better chance of everyone staying safer. To try and make this facility as safe as possible, each morning we will perform a number of cell inspections. During these raids, we can use drug dogs to locate anything the inmates could be hiding.


When the inmates have guests come to the jail, the visitor center is where most of the contraband changes hands. To limit these incidents, we scan guests first, then inmates before they go to their cell block. Even if we get a small amount of contraband, it helps to keep violent outbreaks to a minimum.


When Securus Technologies came to our facility and installed a call monitoring system, it was the beginning of a new day for officers. These inmate call monitoring systems designed by this company are in well over two thousand jails, and helping to keep the peace. The system scans all calls and can quickly pick up chatter that is pertaining to a number of illegal activities.


If the LBS software is able to detect any chatter on a fight, drugs, contraband, weapons, or gang related issues, we can quickly take care of the issue and avoid it become a dangerous one.


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