Former ambassador Daniel Taub asks for peace in the Middle East

Peace in the Middle East region has been a topic of discussion for a long time. However, the challenge that is encountered in peace search mission is that the agreements that are agreed upon always end up being disobeyed by the parties. Israel is concerned that the issue of peace in the region has been used against them.

Many parties believe that Israel is against the peace agreements, but this is not the case. No other country in the region is committed to a peace agreement as Israel is. The problem that Israel has with other countries is that they do not obey their part of honoring the agreement.

The united nations have also made it almost impossible for a peace deal to be struck. According to diplomat Daniel Taub who spent a good number of years representing Israel in the peace negotiations, the UN does not live up to its promises. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

He gives the example of the Gaza agreement. The UN had promised to ensure that the Hamas terrorists in the Gaza region do not have access to arms. However, after the agreement, there was no follow up from the UN. Arms were penetrating the area just normally, and the Hamas group was using these weapons to attack Israel.

In another case, the UN had promised to help in the reconstruction of Gaza. However, years later they have been non-committal on their pledges.

Israel has already spent millions in building materials, but the UN has not yet provided the funds. Ideally, the conflicts in the Middle East would have been resolved if the international community was keen to follow the recommendations of the peace agreements.

Daniel Taub believes that Israel is ready to deal with the issues affecting the region if the right channel to reach an agreement are followed, and their concerns noted.

Daniel Taub has also noted some countries such as Britain is trying to use a method that does not work with Jews, to try and promote peace. No peace agreement can be arrived at as long as the approach is pressuring Israel.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is one person who has spent time in diplomatic missions. He knows the problems that are hindering peace in the Middle East, and unless the concerns of Israel are listened to, there is no peace in the foreseeable future.

Daniel Taub was the ambassador to the United Kingdom. He is the best diplomat to represent Israel according to the Jews living in the U.K.

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