Apia, Samoa Offers An Adventure For Every Budget

The most popular way to get to Apia, Samoa is by taking a flight into Fagali’I Airport. This airport, which lies just outside the city limits, is owned by Polynesian Airlines and is used by them and Samoa Air. There are daily flights to American Samoa as well as chartered flights for visitors who want to view Samoa from the air. There is a single airstrip which was paved about 15 years ago.

Since Fagali’I Airport is pretty small there isn’t a lot to the concourse. It’s pretty much a building with a single room where passengers check in and out. There is an exchange to trade international money into Samoan tālā. Visitors to Apia won’t have to go far from this airport to reach their hotel as most are located within a few miles at most from it.

In Apia there are hotels to fit every budget. For those who have modest budgets they can find hotels as little as $24 a night such as the Samoan Outrigger Hotel. One of the nicest hotels is the three-star Tanoa Tusitala Hotel according to wikipedia.org. It is regularly priced $262 a night but it often goes on sale for $155 each night.

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There are restaurants around Fagali’I Airport that feature a number of cuisines. There are restaurants for traditional Samoan food, of course, but European food is especially popular in Apia, dohop.com. There are also restaurants that feature a fusion of different cuisines, such as the Palusami Restaurant which fuses together Polynesian and European food. This restaurant is also a great choice for vegetarians as most of the menu doesn’t include meat.

There are some things to keep in mind after leaving the Fagali’I Airport. First, it is best to be indoors at night because Apia has a wild dog problem. They come out at night in packs and people have been attacked before. It’s also best to not approach any dogs during your visit because some people train their dogs to attack. It’s a nice place to stay during the day but nights can be unsafe due to this. The city has taken steps to fix the problem but it is not yet solved.

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