Securus Technologies Ensuring Contraband Phones Use is Restricted inside Correctional Facilities

Prison industry has to deal with numerous different threats, and among them, the biggest one is that of the use of cell phones inside the prison. Even though cell phones are a boon for people and allow them to stay in touch with their loved ones from anywhere and anytime, for prison sector, it is a bane. Today, cell phones are available for cheap and are easily smuggled in the black market. People use these to make illegal calls, and many use it to make threats to people without being traced to them. Even the inmates are using these cell phones to plan their illegal works from within the walls of the prison. Even regular checks have not been able to stop the inmates from getting the contraband phones inside the prison.


However, Securus Technologies, one of the highly popular correctional firms in the industry has been able to develop a technology that would keep the contraband phones away from the prison. The wireless containment system developed by Securus Technologies would jam the signal for the contraband phones and ensure that it doesn’t get connected to the network carrier. Thus, the contraband phones become useless, and the inmates can’t make phones calls from it. Securus Technologies for long has been investing in research and innovation, and developing contraband interdiction technology is one of their prime priorities. With the help of the contraband interdiction technology, many lives can be saved, and the correctional ecosystem would be much safer as well. It would help the law enforcement agencies to control the crime rate, inside and outside of the prison too.


The story of Robert Johnson is well-known in the corrections space. He used to work for the correctional facility with the primary job responsibility of confiscating the contraband packages, but due to his ability to do so efficiently, an inmate ordered him to get murdered from inside the prison using a contraband phone. Subsequently, a criminal visited the home of Robert Johnson and shot him six times, but somehow he survived. After undergoing numerous surgeries and recovering from his injuries, he wanted to do something for his fellow officers. The incident changed his life completely, and now he is working with Securus Technologies as a consultant to help make technologies like wireless containment solutions to ensure that such event does not take place again.


Robert Johnson believes that Wireless Containment System is one such technology that is going to change the prison sector for the better. It is a system that is not just fool-proof but cannot be hacked by the best of hackers. Making prisons safe is the duty of the prison owners and the government, and he feels that they should take it very seriously so that they can save more lives.



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