Betsy Devos

Betsy Devos is the current Education Secretary of the United States. She is a staunch Republican who has been actively involved in Michigan politics for an extended period. Many people think of her as a soft-spoken woman, but those who know her closely understand that she is different. She is a principled woman who has portrayed her serious approach to any sensitive matter in innumerable instances.

One first instance when Betsy Devos firmness was revealed was when President Trump revoked the decision to allow transgender students to use bathrooms of their own choice. She was careful not to dissent the president’s directive publicly. However, before President Trump made the announcement, Betsy Devos informed those who work under her that she was not satisfied with the directive. She even went ahead and joined the president as he announced the new policy as a show of solidarity. This did not, however, water down the fact that she was not truly convinced with the consequences of the new announcement.


Those who closely know Mrs. Devos can confirm that she is a very influential person, especially in the political field. She has been on the forefront for the push of changes in the education sector to ensure that all students have access to quality education. She successfully pushed for the creation of government-funded private schools. Today, there are so many schools of the sort in almost all parts of the country due to her efforts than others.


She is well known in Michigan State where she has brought many positive changes. She once served as the Michigan State Republican Chairwoman, and many were amused by his effective leadership skills. Mike Cox who once served as state attorney general once admitted that Betsy Devos is a dedicated woman who will do anything to succeed and make positive changes. Betsy also donates a considerable amount of her wealth to the Republican Party. Her husband is also a die-hard Republican who also uses his vast family fortunes to support the party. His name is Dick Devos, and he unsuccessfully vied for the Michigan governor post.


Betsy was born and brought up in Holland, Michigan. Her father was rich, and he owned an auto parts company. This company was started as a small entity, but Mr. Edgar Prince developed it to a billion dollar company through his aggressive business skills. Betsy would occasionally work at her father’s shop. Her brother is also an entrepreneur. He started Blackwater company and used to be its CEO for a long period. Her husband hails from a very affluent background, and his father was the founder of Amway. This is a network marketing company that has clients from all parts of the world. The couple is therefore wealthy as they inherited so much property from their families. However, unlike other most rich people who live lavishly without caring about the needy, the Devos’s use their wealth to positively impact their society.


When Mrs. Devos was appointed as the education secretary, she knew nothing about the federal state leaser ship. This is because she has been mainly involved in Michigan State affairs for the greater portion of her life. However, those who closely know her say that it will take a very short time for her to acclimatize to the demands of her post and begin delivering results.


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