William Saito Knows CyberSecurity

William H. Saito is recognized throughout Japan as a very influential person. He is the special adviser to the Prime Minister of the Japanese government as well as a special advisory officer of the cabinet. It is no wonder that he has such exemplary credentials when he started out in elementary school doing software programming. When he was still in high school he began his own company.

With such auspicious beginnings, it’s no wonder that William Saito is recognized as one of the leading authorities in cybersecurity in the world. He advises governments around the globe on how best to protect themselves. He has written countless article detailing and discussing cyber security and cyber attacks and how to not be the victim of one.

In one of these articles, he discusses why it is important to not to blame the victim of a cyber attack. Well, the world has seen more and more cyber attacks of bigger businesses, for example, with one of the major credit reporting agency having a serious security breach, figuring out how to stop cybersecurity breaches or threats is especially important.

What this means is that anyone or any company, or even any branch of the government can be a victim or target of a Cyber attack. This means that we have to find better ways of being able to fend off these attacks. Making sure that there is not a blame the victim mentality is an important step in making sure that companies and people get the help that they need. It is imperative that they don’t try to hide their weak links in the chain of security. If they do this then they will not get the help that they need and will be even more vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks.


One of the best ways to protect against the Cyberattack, according to William Saito, is to understand the steps that go into a Cyber attack. Cybercriminals have a typical system and stages of how they launch an attack. They vary depending on the type of attack that is being launched. It depends on the type of vulnerability that they are trying to exploit.


Knowing even just a little bit about how a cyberattack is launched goes a long way into helping to prevent them. This is why it’s important for there to be some transparency, especially between the company and whoever is trying to help them to maintain their security. It’s not the fact that the system gets penetrated that is the biggest problem, the biggest problem is that communication must happen in a timely manner.




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