Consistent Vision Propels Jeff Aronin From Success to Success

Since earning his Bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University and his MBA from DePaul University, Jeff Aronin has been running at full steam ever since. What follows is a recap of an article about Jeff on Live Newspaper’s website.


Early on in his working life, Jeff was shadowing a doctor as the physician visited patients. One patient was a boy with frequent, ongoing seizures. Instead of defaulting to surgery, the physician decided to try drug therapy first. That was the beginning of Jeff Aronin’s fascination and respect for the power of pharmaceutical medicine. Jeff decided then and there to apply his considerable business knowledge to the creation of more effective drugs.


In 2000 Jeff Aronin founded the pharmaceutical startup Ovation Pharmaceuticals. Jeff’s approach was straightforward: Identify a patient need, next find science holding the promise of treatment, and then assemble, direct, and motivate a team to bring it to market efficiently. Just nine years later, Ovation sold to Lundbeck for $900-million. Lundbeck opted to keep Jeff on as CEO, thus avoiding any stumbles during the transition.


Jeff’s leadership qualities appear to be readily recognizable, as he has served as CEO of several health-sciences companies, among them: Harmony BioSciences, Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals, and Paragon Pharmaceuticals. Along the way, Jeff and his teams have gotten 13 new drugs approved — a remarkable feat in the drug industry.


Jeff Aronin is committed to growing the biotech industry in Chicago. Jeff founded the Chicago biotech incubator Matter, which currently has over 200 startups in development. Jeff enjoys sharing his experience, insights, and vision with budding entrepreneurs.


Jeff has spent the last decade at Paragon in the capacities of Chairman and CEO. Jeff’s rare combination of scientific vision, business acumen, and a focus on finding treatments for patients suffering from rare diseases has made Jeff a recognized leader in the industry.


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