Financier and Investment Expert- Christopher Linkas

The Real Estate industry has been commercialized, and those who do it for commercial purposes have an opportunity to invest their capital into new property Commercial real estate is just any other investment and it can be divided into several levels and types depending on the level of risks as well as the income it is yielding. The commercial real estate grouping might seem so straightforward, but one needs to have an expert to explain o them. Christopher Linkas is an experienced real estate investor and listed below is his explanation of the different types of commercial real estate businesses.


Opportunistic Properties: this is a very high reward property investment, but it is also very risky. According to real estate experts, these types of properties might be vacant at the time of purchase but do not have a flow of cash. To realize possible returns, this type of commercial real estate investment will require a huge amount of capital.

Core Properties: it is considered to be the lowest risk of investment in the commercial real estate sector. These types of properties have a ready cash flow and they are well established. Core properties are well maintained and they do not require any renovation.

Value-add properties: it is another type of commercial investment opportunity. This type of investment also have cash flow, but some improvements might be required. The improvements may range from renovating the buildings to meet the required standards to increase rent.


Chris Linkas has been working in the financial industry for an extended period and he has gained vast experience in the sector. Christopher Linkas is the Managing Director of Fortress Investment Group a position he took in 2012. Prior to working in the financial group, Chris has also served in several other financial facilities among them Goldman Sch which is a commercial mortgage joint venture. Chris was the Vice President of the commercial real estate firm. Other positions include the Vice President of RER Financial Group Inc. To achieve his success, Chris Linkas has worked hard. His advice to people is that they should find and do what they are passionate about.


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