Jorge Moll; the Science of Giving Back to the Community

Jorge Moll is a revered scientist known for documenting multiple clinical studies on how the human brain functions. Over the past years, he has conducted research on neurology and the physical mechanisms encompassing emotional responses including the ways through which mental illnesses impact the dominance a human’s brain. Following the research results from 2006, Moll has vested his research in addressing the architecture of the human brain and how it can affect the manner in which a person is touched to give back to the community.


Background Information


Perhaps there is a relationship between giving back and the functioning of the human brain. Even better, Moll’s study seeks to decipher these facts by saying that a human’s capacity to engage in social causes is related to the cost benefit. Moreover, monetary donations sent to charities make good examples of how the human brain is affected. He calls in an altruistic behaviour because the structure of the human brain is one distinct aspect in the body. As such, it makes one wonder how exactly the physical composition of a brain affects the thinking capacity of an individual.


The Study


In an interview, Jorge Moll, joined by his team of qualified neuroscientists answered a few questions in regards to the human brain and donations. The study sought to analyse the subjects and emphasise their character when subjected to series of questions regarding the altruistic nature of the brain. As such, researchers emphasised that the mesolimbic system controls the part of the brain that feels the need to be generous with people. This is done through the release of a chemical component called dopamine. Over the course of this study, candidates were asked to either oppose or support the claims. It was later concluded that people who have been through difficult situations are more inclined to give back to the society because of the response from the brain.


Describing Jorge Moll


Jorge Moll is a qualified medical professional from The Federal University of Rio De Janeiro. He completed his residency from the same school and headed out to receive his Ph.D from the Sao Paulo University.


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