Some tips that can be learned from Graham Edwards

Without any doubt, it takes a lot of work to for a company to meet its goals and grow. This explains why visionary leaders are very essential in organizations. The success story of Telereal Trillium under the leadership of Graham Edwards is very inspirational. Being the CEO of this company, he has done everything possible to ensure that it takes a leading position in the property development sector of the UK.


Graham Edwards has dwelt on sealing partnership deals which have enabled the company to gain substantial financial benefits. The first deal that saw this company grow was that of the 2001 partnership with British Telecomholdings, BT. It was able to acquire 6700 properties owned by BT. The other deal that Graham Edwards led was in 2009 whereby he acquired Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc. The success of these deals has enabled Telereal Trillium is ranked among the best in the industry.


Graham possesses superb leadership and management skills. He acquired them through his previous working experience and also through his education. He holds a degree in economics. He also used to make significant investment decisions for Talisman Global Asset Management. He also held various management positions in Merrill Lynch Investment Management. These experiences coupled with his passion for the investment field are significant towards his growth as a leader.


Besides his experience, Graham Edwards has established a culture that is supportive of his strategic plans. Employees and other staff members in this organization have already realized about the benefits of Graham Edwards’ execution of projects. Additionally, this leader has created a platform for talent development and individual growth. He can identify an opportunity and also pursue it in a manner that realizes enormous value.


At this day when competition between companies is very high, the leadership of people like Graham Edwards is required. There is the need for a person who can establish plans that are not only beneficial in the short term but also in the long run. The economy is very unpredictable and should a financial crisis arise, companies that lack strategic plans can fail terribly.


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