Lee May Beamridge; Steering the 10K Fundraising Program

Lee May Beamridge formerly known as FS Contracting Ltd was established on 25th April 2013 by a group of directors who had accumulated construction experience and wealth of more than 100 years having its registered office located in Chislehurst, England. Currently, there are two active directors and no active secretaries according to the latest confirmation statement submitted on 25th April 2018. It has been running for 5 years and 1 month. Lee May Beamridge is a private limited company with share capital.

Lee May Beamridge is involved in construction management, design and build, residential and commercial refurbishment, land acquisition, aftercare and fit-out which aims at making profits. Lee May Beamridge have delivered innovation and ingenuity to the construction industry while maintaining the highest industry standard in quality and safety. By building strong ties with clients, Lee May Beamridge has been a trusted option for clients by ensuring a professional, worthwhile and affordable delivery which exceeds the standard expectations at all times.

Lee May Beamridge Ltd plans to be part of a program that sponsors a 10k run donates to Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club, which targets to acquire a new minibus. All the cash from the 10k run will be given to the club to motivate them into keeping up the good work they do to the community. Lee May Beamridge is using crowdfunding which is a new method of fundraising where one can raise funds for personal cause even if one is not a registered charity.

Lee May Beamridge is also sponsoring Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club not only for the minibus but also in improving the general well-being of the club which seeks to give their members the best opportunities especially young boxers. Besides boxing, the club has over time been anchored in bringing up the growing generation of young ones in a family setting and encouraging them to acquire values and life skills that make them better members of the society.

Lee May Beamridge also wants to help in purchasing of sporting equipment for the voluntary Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club and also in purchasing a new boxing ring since Lee May Beamridge has always shown interest in boxing and the opportunity to sponsor the project feeds part of his purpose.


Dr. Dov Rand Offers His Patients Compassion And His Medical Knowledge To Help Them Heal

Dr. Dov Rand is a practicing physician, medical director, and Bioidentical Hormone Specialist who founded the Healthy Aging Medical Center, which is located in New Jersey. He received his training from the Albert Einstein Medical Center in N.Y., and he is a practitioner of Peer-Review medicine, which means if his work can’t be supported by an article or medical journal he will abandon it. His compassionate bedside manner is known to many, and he is known to be a genuine human being who truly cares about the health of his patients. Many people look to Dr. Dov Rand as a role model, of sorts, and he works to not disappoint them.


Dr. Dov Rand is an author, along with everything else he does, and he is currently writing a book with the title of “It’s Not Too Late To Live Past 100.” He doesn’t believe that pills are the ultimate answer to help people reach their optimal health, and he works with his patients to help them better understand nutrition as well as ways to lose weight in a healthy manner. Some of the tools Dr. Dov Rand uses to help his patients include supplements, nutrition, fitness, and hormones, and what he employs in each individual case depends upon the physical examination of the patient as well as a consultation.


By employing only the most modern forms of treatment, Dr. Dov Rand has helped many patients who have come to him looking for a solution for their health. Through monitoring his patients very closely to identify what is working and what is not, he has been able to learn a lot about the entire process. His belief is that true health is discovered through integrative approaches, and along with all of the services he already offers, he doubles up as a certified practitioner of acupuncture who helps to relieve pain through the ages old practice. On top of this, Dr. Dov Rand employs a range of other treatments including steroid injections, cortisol injections, nerve blocks, and the HCG diet. Not only does the good doctor know how to treat his patients in order to relieve their pain and suffering, but he also understands that every patient sometimes just needs a caring person to offer them a hand.


Stansberry Research Shows The Problems Facing Warren Buffett In Recent Years

In recent years, the role of Warren Buffett has been almost untouched as a business icon who has been involved in the U.S. economy for decades as his position as one of the richest people in the world and leading investor has been secure. Stansberry Research has recently been looking into the role of Warren Buffett and his Berkshire Hathaway company which remains one of the largest and most profitable in the world.


Stansberry Research has a range of bloggers and investment specialists who are willing to research companies and form opinions about the quality of the company and how they are being managed. One of the most impressive aspects of the Stansberry Research business model is the willingness to hold their experts to account for their advice and opinions; at the close of each year, independent experts evaluate and score the work of the editors, experts, and journalists working with Stansberry Research to make sure they are giving high-quality advice to all subscribers.


The fact each and every member of the Stansberry Research team is evaluated for their performance each year makes it clear to all the quality of the work being completed remains high. Publishers would not look to explore the health of a company such as Berkshire Hathaway without a high-level of confidence in the opinion being put forward which shows a change in business model has had a great impact on the work and value of the company known for making Warren Buffett a billionaire.


Berkshire Hathaway had previously developed an impressive business model which included a group of profitable insurance companies and already established companies know to subscribers at Stansberry Research as “the inevitables”. Low-risk investments such as Coca-Cola and other established low regulation companies only added to the profitability of Berkshire Hathaway decision to invest in the energy sector has limited the growth of Berkshire Hathaway as the company has required a major capital investment which has hit profits and limited their growth since the early 21st-century.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, The Best Bradesco Has

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, is a world-renowned business leader in the financial/ banking sector. He was once Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco before he rose to chairman of the whole fraternity. His impressive and meteoric shot to head the largest financial institutions in Brazil has led to him being feted over severally, with the accolades that he has gained over the years making him one of the most sought-after personalities in financial issues. This demand is not restricted to corporate circles only, but the Brazilian government has implemented ideas credited to him. He began his working relationship with Bradesco way back in 1969.

In a strange twist of fate, both Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and Bradesco were born in the 1950’s in Marilia. He was born in 1951 while Bradesco was in 1956 founded by Amador Aguiar. Before he puts his mask as a world leader in banking, he is first a husband and a father of three children, and he is active in issues other than money talk. In Rio de Janeiro, there stands a massive statue of Christ well known as “Christ the Redeemer.” Bradesco’s CEO is credited with pushing for the voting to earn the statue a prestigious spot on the list as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Here, the Bradesco Chairman is credited for coining the phrase, “Vote Christ,” that turned out to be catchy, easily linkable to the statue and that resulted in massive support from the citizens who found it easy to identify and associate with the phrase.

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Lately, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been advocating for pension reforms since the effect that the system is bound to have on the government, which is catastrophic due to the massive figures that he believes are not economically viable. These reforms need to be implemented as quickly and delicately as possible. He has also suggested privatization of the same since private companies are usually stricter on regulations regarding corruption, oversight, and accountability. Currently, he says there are still a couple of major hurdles that need to be cleared before these reforms can take steady root. The financial expert is worried that the availability of credit to repay debt is still not at its optimum levels, but he is hopeful that the lag will soon be remedied.

Thanks to his successes in the Bradesco Board it has led to his involvement in the financial issues that face the country according to jusbrasil.com.br. This attracted not only praise from his peers but the government as well which is also taken in by him, that they even offered him a job as the country’s Minister of finance, a position he graciously turned down and opted to remain loyal to the company that he has devoted more than four decades too. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s long career has meant that he has gained vast and in-depth experience that is unmatched, he believes that keep social welfare in the modern society, insurance has to take the place of high priority not just in governments but also at an individual level.

Check more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: http://www.valor.com.br/financas/5153264/bradesco-novo-presidente-saira-do-corpo-executivo-afirma-trabuco

Things You Need to Know about Clay Siegall

Cancer is a deadly disease that affects many people in the world, and breast cancer is one of the common types of cancer that affects women. Besides, prostate cancer has also affected a significant number of men, and this has called for serious intervention from medical practitioners. Many companies have come together to conduct researches on the most effective ways to treat the diseases, and Clay Seagall is among the dedicated individuals that have strived to employ the use of the modern technology to aid in the treatment of cancer.

Clay is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics and through the firm; he has worked closely with medical experts to analyze the human anatomy to come up with a clear assumption behind the causes of the disease. His actions have motivated many researchers who have strived to come up with effective treatments for the disease.

In his researches, Clay believes that cancer is associated with an individual’s genes and their ancestral connections can make their bodies prone to contracting the deadly disease. Experts in the field of medicine have strived to study the human DNA to fully understand how it functions with the aim of coming up with an effective method of treatment to curb the disease.

Through Seattle Genetics, Clay aims at creating a vast number of treatment options to cancer patients. He is passionate about helping people restore back their good health and strives to create better and detailed diagnosis of the disease to make its treatment easy. Through the various advancements that the firm has brought to the field of medicine, many cancer patients have benefited from early diagnosis of the disease and fast treatment to prevent the disease from getting the better part of their bodies.

Clay`s determination has seen him gain a great reputation in the field of medicine and people have gained insight from his firm. He believes that in the coming years treatment of cancer will be easy and effective as long as the various firms that Seattle Genetics has partnered with work together to come up with the right cure for the disease.

Bruno Fagali’s Thoughts on Ethics in Brazil

     As the nation of Brazil continues to grow, many people want to see an improvement in business regulations. For many years, large companies were able to operate under a different set of rules than smaller companies. Law and order is essential for developing nations to become modern nations. Brazil now has one of the largest and most sophisticated economies in the world. Without an improvement in business ethics, it will be tough for Brazil to take the next step as a country.

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer in Brazil who specializes in compliance and ethics. He has done a great job over the years of developing a practice and helping others. He is currently working with the government on several significant projects to improve business ethics in Brazil.


The tax system in Brazil is too complicated for many people to understand. As a result, most people do not pay as much in taxes as they should. Brazil currently lacks a governmental department to enforce the tax code. For many years, large companies would pay a bribe to avoid paying taxes that they should.

Bruno Fagali believes that corruption is one of the most substantial issues that Brazil faces. Some business leaders around the world will not conduct business in Brazil due to the excessive corruption. If Brazil is going to continue growing, this issue must be addressed.

Other Goals

Bruno Fagali has other goals and suggestions to improve the economy of Brazil. He wants to increase rights for workers across the country. He also thinks that companies should pay more in taxes to help fund various infrastructure projects across the country.

Please check https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/128648/bruno-fagali-da-agencia-novasb-fala-sobre-o-premio-pro-etica-organizado-pela-cgu-e-pelo-instituto-ethos.