Lime Crime and New Expansion

According to a news article published in July 2018, Lime Crime has made it’s way into the most popular retail department store in the United Kingdom, known as Selfridges. The article was published by Women’s Wear Daily. In a different article published by Marie Claire in August 2018, the company’s expanse is an epic event and exciting for beauty lovers. The popular makeup line was founded in 2008 by an individual Whose goal was to create The brand that focuses on vegan and animal-testing free products while maintaining a modern style.

Line of Products

Lime crime manufacturers and sells a variety of makeup products including matte lip gloss, lip toppers, eyeshadow palettes, lip gloss veils, fancy makeup brushes and bright highlighters in addition to other many lipsticks and lip glosses. In addition to producing bright and bold colors, all of their products are famous for forwarding everlasting glows, sparkle and shine and high effect metallic to the wearer. Due to this fact, it comes as no surprise that the brand’s slogan is “the makeup for unicorns”.

More Features

Like crime is certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Agency organization that based out of Virginia) for being vegan brand and certified as cruelty-free by The Leaping Bunny. They believe this initiative targets the right audiences and consumer markets that are completely swooned by caring for innocent animals and using meaningful an drew sustainable products.


According to many news articles, it is expected that the beauty brand known as Lime Crime which originated in the United Kingdom and London, has expanded into a large retail chain known as Selfridges. The expansion comes as an excitement to many consumers and targets younger women, bright metallic makeup fans and the “unicorn makeup lover” that is most commonly liked by young teenager girls.

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