Getting to understand Krishen Iyer

Communication is no doubt a skill and a talent needed for any entrepreneur worth their salt, and Krishen Iyer an online partner with quick Link Marketing knows this too well. Through his extensive experience in the field of technical development and online marketing, Iyer has managed to create dependable client relations over the years and this has added to his portfolio with the company.

Having been a resident of California for the longest time, Iyer has played a key role in the development and subsequent success of Link Marketing especially in terms of it providing effective marketing solutions. This has seen the company connects its clients with reputable lead generation companies that end up meeting the specific marketing needs of each individual client.

Iyer’s curiosity and the need to do everything to perfection have shaped his professional career. He is detail oriented and will not stop at anything short of success. This is the inquisitiveness that enabled him to thrive in his earlier academic life that includes his studies at Grossmont College as we as San Diego University. Krishen Iyer earned his bachelor’s degree at San Diego University having taken up a course in public administration and urban development.

Despite the busy schedule owing to his roles at Quick Link Marketing, Iyer is still passionate about helping others attain their full potential. This informs his involvement with community service where he offers his intellectual and financial help to the less fortunate. He is also known to take up clean up roles regularly in local parks and has also lent his hand in times of humanitarian crises. A case in point is his sponsorship of a child overseas, not mentioning his regular contributions to the Haiti relief efforts.

While at Quick Link Marketing, Iyer’s day to day responsibilities include technical development, client interfacing as well as marketing.

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