Sujit Choudhry: Why California is Against the Trump Administration

America elected a new president last year. Since then, there has been a lot of unrest in some parts of the country. Most people say that they are not comfortable with the American president. Several groups have been established to make his stay in the office as difficult as possible, know more on ( Some states have clearly shown that they are not happy about most of the decisions the new president has been making. His statements have played a key role in the brewing hatred in many parts of the country. Sujit Choudhry is an expert in constitutional law. The lawyer is never sacred to address most of the problems that have been facing this large country. Not long ago, Sujit Choudhry spoke about the conflicts that have been taking place between California and the Trump administrations.

The Trump administration has shown the world that it doesn’t share ideas with most states in the country. California has been in the limelight all though because of its goals and even its priorities. First of all, when the president was campaigning to become the leader, he promised that there will be mass deportation from all parts of the country, check ( California is the home of thousands of undocumented immigrants when compared to the other states in the country. California has made it clear that it is happy and content with the immigrant, something that has not gone down well with the president, based on

Sujit Choudhry also noted that Donald Trump had done something that did not please the people living in California. First of all, the president decided that he was going to pull out of the popular Paris climate agreement, according to Sujit Choudhry. The leadership of the state had made it very clear that it wanted to combat climate change, and this meant more hostility from the people in California. Last year, California legalized the use of marijuana. When Trump acquired presidency last year, his administration was against the use of drugs and the legalization of substances that were harmful to the human body. The residents of California did not share this idea, and they have been doing anything in their power to ensure that their goals are met, have a peek on

Steve Ritchie’s Cross-Country Trip

Over the past several weeks, Steve Ritchie has been on a cross-country trip traveling across the United States to meet with Papa John’s franchises and team members to listen to their stories. At Papa John’s where people have always been a priority, Steve Ritchie listen to their feeling, their needs, and their thoughts as to how Papa John’s can improve itself as a company and as a business. Steve Ritchie visited franchises in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and Detroit to speak to the essential components of Papa John’s restaurants, the people who run and work in them and who are the center of their business and without whom Papa John’s would not exist. At times, Steve Ritchie heard some difficult stories involving tough interactions with customers. Other times, he heard heart-warming stories of how some franchises considered the people working in their restaurants to be family members. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns also heard stories of Papa John’s restaurants supporting local schools and charities. During these difficult conversations, however, Steve Richie noted that there was optimism for a fresh start and an increasing commitment to moving Papa John’s forward. Further, everyone agrees that Papa John’s has always been and will continue to be bigger than a single person. Papa John’s as a company are their store managers, their drivers, and their pizza makers, all of whom are representative of the community in which they reside and serve. Here’s an information about Ritchie’s second apology letter.

Steve Richie is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s International Inc. Mr. Richie started out with Papa John’s as a customer service representative in 1996. In 2010, he took on a leadership capacity in operations and in 2014 was promoted to the Chief Operating Officer. Steve Ritchie was named President in 2015 and added to the name of possible successor for the Chief Executive Officer position, which he was promoted to in January of 2018. Papa John’s International Inc. is based out of Louisville, Kentucky and is the third largest pizza delivery company in the world and a publicly owned company that is traded in the NASDAQ under the stock ticker symbol PZZA.


Hussain Sajwani, The Legend of Real Estate

Born in 1954 in the United Arab Emirates, Hussain Sajwani has grown to be a remarkable business owner and investor who has seized every opportunity there is in real estate. Sajwani earned his degree from the University of Washington before starting the journey of entrepreneurship.

Hussain is the founder and the Chairman of DAMAC properties that was founded in 2002 to cater for the rising need for luxurious properties in the Middle East. Today, the Company has been able to provide more than 21,000 units and has 44,000 ongoing projects in its portfolio.

DAMAC is the leading real estate company that serves hundred if the country. Its ownership type is public joint stock while Dubai is where most of the shares are traded. Sajwani has collaborated with several renowned brands in the development of property including the Trump Organization that is a great investor in DAMAC. Other brands include Just Cavalli, Tiger Woods, famous Italian Versace, Bugatti and many more.

Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) began his career as a manager at the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s Subsidiary called GASCO. After that, he went into hospitality and catering where he established a line of catering services. This business served onshore and offshore 5-star hotel locations, campsites, educational centers, and army camps.

With the increasing demand for good hotels in the Middle East for most business meetings, DAMAC Owner Hussain was inspired to build hotels. DAMAC serves large cities like Dubai, Beirut, Amman, Muscat, Jeddah, and London. It employs more than 2,000 as one of Hussain’s philanthropic acts of giving back to the community.

Apart from that, according to, Hussain Sajwani has supported charity establishments and projects, especially in Dubai by starting the Dubai One Million Foundation to fund software developers all over the Middle East. He has contributed $5 million to help clothe children across the world that are less fortunate.

Hussain Sajwani is not only a successful businessman but also a dedicated and loving father of four and husband. He has taught his children to walk in his path, and one of his daughters got married, a wedding that was attended by most delegates including Trump’s sons.


Climate Change and Sports Among the Interests of Wes Edens

The varied interests and work of the leading investments specialist, Wes Edens have been making headlines around the world in the last few months. In almost every area the sports investor has been exploring he has made headlines for achieving success in a speedy time for fans and business partners alike. Edens is currently negotiating with the U.S. Federal Government over a $1.5 billion loan designed to expand his Brightline rail link to different parts of the nation following its impressive first few months in operation.

Brightline launched in May 2018, in the full glare of the media as the latest way for Wes Edens and his family to explore the possibilities of success for a private U.S. railway. Wes Edens now owns the only private railway in the nation operating between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Creating a railway operating company in Wes Edens world did not mean simply purchasing existing rolling stock from a manufacturer but saw Brightline employ the Rockwell Group of architects to design an entirely new line of rolling stock based on providing the most comfort possible.

In his philanthropic work, Wes Edens has worked to push forward the needs of the world in terms of the work conducted to protect the environment. The Edens Family Research Program on Climate Change at Princeton University is an important part of the development of plans to combat this international problem on a large-scale. In developing Brightline, the University of Oregon alum has developed a railway operating on green diesel to make sure the effect on the climate is as small as possible. To know more click here.

Despite being known for his work as an environmental campaigner and astute business leader, the founder of the Fortress Investments Group spent much of the last few years developing his interests in sports franchises. Alongside his long-term investment in the Milwaukee Bucks, Edens recently purchased a controlling interest in the English soccer team, Aston Villa. The decision to invest in the soccer team shows the impressive nature of the global targets being explored by the Edens family.


Randal Nardone Co-Founded Fortress Investment Group

Mr. Randal Nardone is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, a company which was started in 1998. Since August 2013, Randal has been the CEO and Principal of the company since 1998. Together with his business partners including Peter Briger, he co-founded Fortress Investment Group with the objective of assisting people as he saw the opportunity to offer others with a better chance of living. That includes bringing a difference to people’s lives who used to work on their own.

After feeling confident in his opportunities for thriving, he noticed that Fortress Investment Group was doing the exact thing he needed to do. The organization flourished because of experience and skills in how he spearheaded it, and he is currently part of the board of directors with the firm. He began his profession as an attorney and operated at the Thacher Proffitt & Wood law company where he was a partner. He pursued the education at the University of Connecticut and graduated with the bachelor’s degrees in English and biology in addition to being a Boston University School of Law graduate.

With the team of people like Peter Briger, Mr. Randal indicated that his firm would be capable of developing faster and be able to reach great credit sources. He is a familiar lawyer with his focus on finance, and after commencing his career at Thacher Proffit & Wood, he advanced his position at BlackRock Financial and later to the Union Bank of Switzerland. While operating in a great capacity in one of the growing Swiss banks around the globe, however, he needed more to achieve his goals. It’s at that point that in a team of three people including Randal Wes Edens and Peter Briger that he saw it worthy to begin Fortress Investment Group and the firm has exploded in returns since then. To know more about Peter click here.

It is the recent growth that has put him in the Forbes list of billionaires. With a net total of $1.8 Billion, Mr. Randal is presently the #557th ranked billionaire in the world. With his incredible wealth which is associated with his stake at Fortress Investment Group, he is also known to have won several other billions of money through compensation. Peter Briger has also been one of the pillars of Fortress who is also a co-chairman in the directors’ board and also a principal.


Background Information on Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction is a family owned venture that offers its services to residents of Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. The company has its headquarters in Greater Chicago Area, Great Lakes. Aloha was founded in 2008 by Dave Fabasky. The organization is estimated to have more than 200 employees. It is also closely referred to as the Aloha Restoration Co. it offers construction and general contracting services in the region. Since its creation, it has improved its services and products in the home improvement industry and is regarded as being one of the largest constructions and contracting companies in the region.




Aloha Construction has over 20,000 completed projects and has been instrumental in shaping the region. In 2017, the Company was awarded the Better Business Bureau Torch Award. The award acknowledged the positive contribution of Aloha in construction and contraction ventures. The award is issued to companies that ethically run their operations. The company is bonded, insured, licensed and serves as an active member of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRICA), Building Trades Association (BTA) and Chicago Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA). In the past, Aloha was issued with industrial certification by BBB, Better Businesses Bureau. The Company has a dedicated and well-trained group.




Services Offered by Aloha Construction




The Company offers an array of services that include window replacement, roofing repairs, kitchen designs, flashing masonry bathroom repairs, fire and smoke restoration, carpet cleaning, stucco installation, mold removal, waterproofing gutter services, siding installation among other services. It is worth noting that its staffs are well trained and certified to work in different areas. Moreover, the team offers free consultation and home inspection services to all its potential customers. Through previous awards, it is evident that the group is ethical and puts into consideration the interests of the local communities and the customers.


Getting to understand Krishen Iyer

Communication is no doubt a skill and a talent needed for any entrepreneur worth their salt, and Krishen Iyer an online partner with quick Link Marketing knows this too well. Through his extensive experience in the field of technical development and online marketing, Iyer has managed to create dependable client relations over the years and this has added to his portfolio with the company.

Having been a resident of California for the longest time, Iyer has played a key role in the development and subsequent success of Link Marketing especially in terms of it providing effective marketing solutions. This has seen the company connects its clients with reputable lead generation companies that end up meeting the specific marketing needs of each individual client.

Iyer’s curiosity and the need to do everything to perfection have shaped his professional career. He is detail oriented and will not stop at anything short of success. This is the inquisitiveness that enabled him to thrive in his earlier academic life that includes his studies at Grossmont College as we as San Diego University. Krishen Iyer earned his bachelor’s degree at San Diego University having taken up a course in public administration and urban development.

Despite the busy schedule owing to his roles at Quick Link Marketing, Iyer is still passionate about helping others attain their full potential. This informs his involvement with community service where he offers his intellectual and financial help to the less fortunate. He is also known to take up clean up roles regularly in local parks and has also lent his hand in times of humanitarian crises. A case in point is his sponsorship of a child overseas, not mentioning his regular contributions to the Haiti relief efforts.

While at Quick Link Marketing, Iyer’s day to day responsibilities include technical development, client interfacing as well as marketing.

Madison Street Capital Is A Well Respected Finance Company.

Madison Street Capital is a finance company that understands the critical needs of its clients. Madison Street Capital Advisors (MSC), is located in Chicago, Illinois. MSC has been in the finance business for approximately 13 years. MSC fortes involve many different niches. Indeed, MSC works with advisory, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and tax-related issues. MSC has been assisting many firms the best advisory and financial options for private and public institutions. The Madison Street Capital reputation is a good one.


MSC was founded by Anthony Marsala and Charles Botchway in 2005. Madison Street Capital reputation is a good one; especially with its extensive experience and key knowledge, it provides for those top middle-market firms and investment companies.


This Chicago finance company has been placed in very high regards and standing in an industry that involves both corporate finance and (M&A). MSC has a team of professionals with the right skills to handle capitalization structure and financing. MSC’s staff are also aware of how to handle those unique circumstances and public relations situations.


MSC is a firm with a very distinguished business history that has achieved both excellence and eminence in their niche industry. The skilled staffers at MSC are consummate professionals who understand the uniqueness of each business deal that they are engaged in.


Madison Street Capital is a company with a vast knowledge base that involves corporate finance. And it also has a respectable and admired track record in areas like contracts. Madison Street Capital standing concerning the creation of exit strategies for many different types of firms that exist in the private and public space is a positive one.


Indeed, MSC’s staff has regularly received many honors and kudos from its industry peers. MSC gets asked quite frequently about the current market climate and also their predictions about the industry’s future. MSC has given many important insights to industry peers about their thoughts on current and future market conditions and trends concerning hedge funds.


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MSC has been received impressive honors, like the M&A Advisor Awards. The M&A Advisor Awards makes a note of firms who have made impressive strides in business areas that are fissured on corporate restructuring, transactions, and corporate finance. MSC received commendations for its part in the procuring of Acuna and Associates by the DowCo Group. MSC also successfully coordinated the debt and equity investment for ARES Security Corporation a few years ago.

Freedom Checks: Oil and Gas Profits

Since the new tax plan has passed, Freedom checks are now about to be paid out. Many companies are positioning themselves and getting ready for a windfall due to tax breaks under the tax plan. It is expected that investors will reap $34.6 billion in payouts within the next month. For those who have invested, they must meet the requirements and do so before July 1 if they want to receive a check. Your check amount will fall on how much you invested. To make it clear, Freedom checks are the benefits to investors who have placed their money within oil and gas companies. These organizations have generated nearly 90 percent of revenue from this category which qualifies them to disperse Freedom checks to all shareholders.

Matt Badiali, known as an expert in the financial industry and geology field, has provided a video presentation explaining all the benefits that come with receiving a Freedom check. There is no income or age requirement to get one. As long as an investor has positioned themselves before July 1st, they can expect a disbursement in the next month. Badiali has said many times that since the tax plan has passed Freedom checks will probably be the biggest investment grab that we have seen. This is why thousands are lining up to get their share. One example is Bill Watson who lives in Madison Wisconsin. He is ready to check his mailbox and collect $28,800 in Freedom checks. Then there’s Sarah out of Sacramento California who’s looking for her cash that amounts to well over $60,000. It doesn’t stop there as Stanley in Chicago will taking a massive windfall of a big check worth $285,000.

Investors have the opportunity to invest through Master Limited Partnerships in which Badiali helps them along the way. These MLPs are responsible for dispersing these checks often times on a monthly and quarterly basis. They are coming directly from oil and gas companies who regularly processed and transfer natural resources and make a profit from it. Those revenues are then transferred to investors without being taxed first.

Organo Gold Growth

The coffee industry is booming around the world. Millions of people cannot go a single day without drinking coffee. In the past few years, the cost of coffee has increased drastically. Organo Gold is an organic coffee company that is expanding throughout the world. The company offers a business opportunity for people who want to earn extra money.

Although there is an initial investment required to join the direct selling program, most people make their initial investment back quickly.


The main product offered by Organo Gold is organic coffee beans. Unlike most coffee products, Organo Gold sells whole coffee beans instead of coffee grounds. There are multiple advantages of selling coffee beans. Not only is it less expensive, but it gives customers the opportunity to grind their beans. Many coffee drinkers prefer to drink fresh coffee instead of coffee that has been on a shelf for months.


Organo Gold was founded less than a decade ago. The founders of the company never imagined it would be this successful. The biggest reason for the success of Organo Gold is the company’s focus on customer service. If a customer ever has an issue with a product, Organo Gold will provide a refund without asking any questions.


Hundreds of people each year start selling products for Organo Gold. Many of these people have become financially successful through this program. Although direct selling requires a ton of work, this program is an excellent way for anyone to earn additional income.

Organo Gold plans to continue expanding in the coming years. The company is in a strong financial position and has an excellent leadership team.