Lee May Beamridge; Steering the 10K Fundraising Program

Lee May Beamridge formerly known as FS Contracting Ltd was established on 25th April 2013 by a group of directors who had accumulated construction experience and wealth of more than 100 years having its registered office located in Chislehurst, England. Currently, there are two active directors and no active secretaries according to the latest confirmation statement submitted on 25th April 2018. It has been running for 5 years and 1 month. Lee May Beamridge is a private limited company with share capital.

Lee May Beamridge is involved in construction management, design and build, residential and commercial refurbishment, land acquisition, aftercare and fit-out which aims at making profits. Lee May Beamridge have delivered innovation and ingenuity to the construction industry while maintaining the highest industry standard in quality and safety. By building strong ties with clients, Lee May Beamridge has been a trusted option for clients by ensuring a professional, worthwhile and affordable delivery which exceeds the standard expectations at all times.

Lee May Beamridge Ltd plans to be part of a program that sponsors a 10k run donates to Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club, which targets to acquire a new minibus. All the cash from the 10k run will be given to the club to motivate them into keeping up the good work they do to the community. Lee May Beamridge is using crowdfunding which is a new method of fundraising where one can raise funds for personal cause even if one is not a registered charity.

Lee May Beamridge is also sponsoring Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club not only for the minibus but also in improving the general well-being of the club which seeks to give their members the best opportunities especially young boxers. Besides boxing, the club has over time been anchored in bringing up the growing generation of young ones in a family setting and encouraging them to acquire values and life skills that make them better members of the society.

Lee May Beamridge also wants to help in purchasing of sporting equipment for the voluntary Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club and also in purchasing a new boxing ring since Lee May Beamridge has always shown interest in boxing and the opportunity to sponsor the project feeds part of his purpose.