Climate Change and Sports Among the Interests of Wes Edens

The varied interests and work of the leading investments specialist, Wes Edens have been making headlines around the world in the last few months. In almost every area the sports investor has been exploring he has made headlines for achieving success in a speedy time for fans and business partners alike. Edens is currently negotiating with the U.S. Federal Government over a $1.5 billion loan designed to expand his Brightline rail link to different parts of the nation following its impressive first few months in operation.

Brightline launched in May 2018, in the full glare of the media as the latest way for Wes Edens and his family to explore the possibilities of success for a private U.S. railway. Wes Edens now owns the only private railway in the nation operating between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Creating a railway operating company in Wes Edens world did not mean simply purchasing existing rolling stock from a manufacturer but saw Brightline employ the Rockwell Group of architects to design an entirely new line of rolling stock based on providing the most comfort possible.

In his philanthropic work, Wes Edens has worked to push forward the needs of the world in terms of the work conducted to protect the environment. The Edens Family Research Program on Climate Change at Princeton University is an important part of the development of plans to combat this international problem on a large-scale. In developing Brightline, the University of Oregon alum has developed a railway operating on green diesel to make sure the effect on the climate is as small as possible. To know more click here.

Despite being known for his work as an environmental campaigner and astute business leader, the founder of the Fortress Investments Group spent much of the last few years developing his interests in sports franchises. Alongside his long-term investment in the Milwaukee Bucks, Edens recently purchased a controlling interest in the English soccer team, Aston Villa. The decision to invest in the soccer team shows the impressive nature of the global targets being explored by the Edens family.


Randal Nardone Co-Founded Fortress Investment Group

Mr. Randal Nardone is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, a company which was started in 1998. Since August 2013, Randal has been the CEO and Principal of the company since 1998. Together with his business partners including Peter Briger, he co-founded Fortress Investment Group with the objective of assisting people as he saw the opportunity to offer others with a better chance of living. That includes bringing a difference to people’s lives who used to work on their own.

After feeling confident in his opportunities for thriving, he noticed that Fortress Investment Group was doing the exact thing he needed to do. The organization flourished because of experience and skills in how he spearheaded it, and he is currently part of the board of directors with the firm. He began his profession as an attorney and operated at the Thacher Proffitt & Wood law company where he was a partner. He pursued the education at the University of Connecticut and graduated with the bachelor’s degrees in English and biology in addition to being a Boston University School of Law graduate.

With the team of people like Peter Briger, Mr. Randal indicated that his firm would be capable of developing faster and be able to reach great credit sources. He is a familiar lawyer with his focus on finance, and after commencing his career at Thacher Proffit & Wood, he advanced his position at BlackRock Financial and later to the Union Bank of Switzerland. While operating in a great capacity in one of the growing Swiss banks around the globe, however, he needed more to achieve his goals. It’s at that point that in a team of three people including Randal Wes Edens and Peter Briger that he saw it worthy to begin Fortress Investment Group and the firm has exploded in returns since then. To know more about Peter click here.

It is the recent growth that has put him in the Forbes list of billionaires. With a net total of $1.8 Billion, Mr. Randal is presently the #557th ranked billionaire in the world. With his incredible wealth which is associated with his stake at Fortress Investment Group, he is also known to have won several other billions of money through compensation. Peter Briger has also been one of the pillars of Fortress who is also a co-chairman in the directors’ board and also a principal.