Sightsavers, 68 years of sight

Over 250 million people around the world suffer from visual impairment. Out of this huge number, 39 million of them are blind. In all these cases, more than 80% are treatable. The cost of treating these conditions, however, is extremely expensive. Sightsavers, fortunately, has been instrumental in helping all people suffering from visual impairment to get treatment.

The UK based organization has active missions in over thirty countries. The Asian and African countries in Sightsavers partnership against blindness have benefited hugely. As an organization, Sightsavers has over the years trained people for this noble cause. These people include teachers from the communities, volunteers, and more important surgeons. With this important group under Sightsavers, the organization has been able to avert blindness to many people around the world.

In the recent Global Disability summit, Sightsavers was at the center stage for the work in these middle-income countries. With more funding, though, the charity organization can do more. In these countries, people with visual impairment are without a doubt the most marginalized people around the world. Fortunately, more partners are now willing to be part of the £13 million program. The possibility of this project in Nigeria Bangladesh, Kenya, and Uganda is achievable.

The #SeeTheMiracle project in Malawi (in Africa) for example has been a successful project. There are many cases of blindness, especially from cataract. However, due to the financial situation in that country, most cases go untreated. Sightsavers has been fundamental by ensuring that the people suffering from blindness get help. Apart from surgeries that have been successful, the organization has diversified means of reaching to patients owing to the fact that some patients do not seek medical attention. Through vehicles and motorbikes, the efforts of this project have started paying off as more people have access to treatment.

Sightsavers has a diversified way of dealing with blindness. First, the organization gives the needed medical attention to patients depending on the level of the condition. Second, for children with visual impairments, Sightsavers ensures that they have access to special education. For adults, the organization has been keen on ensuring that they are back to productive lives through various programs.

Perry Mandera Contributes to Efforts to End Child Abuse and Neglect

Chicago’s Perry Mandera created his charity Custom Cares to support a variety of causes. The charity’s name is taken from the name of Mandera’s logistics and shipping company Custom Companies Inc. Custom Cares has supported veterans’ causes through Hiring Our Heroes and Marines For Life. Mandera is a Marine Corp. Veteran.


When tornados, hurricanes, wildfires, floods, or any natural disaster occurs anywhere in the US Custom Cares is there. Perry Mandera will send his trucks loaded with food, medicine, and other relief supplies. Custom Cares also provides victims with transportation.


It’s obvious that Perry Mandera is committed to relieving suffering where he can. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and American Cancer Society are among the health-related charities his charity supports. It seems that Mandera is especially committed to helping youth not just in the Chicago area, but the nation and the world as well.


A case-in-point would be The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls. Children who are abused or neglected are likely to do the same to their own children. For 131 years the Mercy Home has worked to prevent future generations of children from being abused and neglected by providing its residents with a nurturing and supportive environment.


Through the Green Thumbs for a Greener World initiative, Mercy Home staff and volunteers sought to teach their charges about sustainability and to be responsible citizens. Adults and young people worked together to restore the garden at The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls Hay’s campus. Vegetables and flowers were planted not just for self-sufficiency and aesthetics, but to teach the children ways to reduce their carbon footprint.


The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls is just one way in which Perry Mandera and Custom Cares benefit young people. When The Walter and Connie Payton Foundation and The Jesse White Tumblers collected 6,500 winter coats for impoverished children in Chicagoland and surrounding communities the coats were transported in Custom Companies trucks.


Custom Cares grants educational and financial support to children and young adults who are at-risk and sponsors youth league teams across Illinois.


Jorge Moll; the Science of Giving Back to the Community

Jorge Moll is a revered scientist known for documenting multiple clinical studies on how the human brain functions. Over the past years, he has conducted research on neurology and the physical mechanisms encompassing emotional responses including the ways through which mental illnesses impact the dominance a human’s brain. Following the research results from 2006, Moll has vested his research in addressing the architecture of the human brain and how it can affect the manner in which a person is touched to give back to the community.


Background Information


Perhaps there is a relationship between giving back and the functioning of the human brain. Even better, Moll’s study seeks to decipher these facts by saying that a human’s capacity to engage in social causes is related to the cost benefit. Moreover, monetary donations sent to charities make good examples of how the human brain is affected. He calls in an altruistic behaviour because the structure of the human brain is one distinct aspect in the body. As such, it makes one wonder how exactly the physical composition of a brain affects the thinking capacity of an individual.


The Study


In an interview, Jorge Moll, joined by his team of qualified neuroscientists answered a few questions in regards to the human brain and donations. The study sought to analyse the subjects and emphasise their character when subjected to series of questions regarding the altruistic nature of the brain. As such, researchers emphasised that the mesolimbic system controls the part of the brain that feels the need to be generous with people. This is done through the release of a chemical component called dopamine. Over the course of this study, candidates were asked to either oppose or support the claims. It was later concluded that people who have been through difficult situations are more inclined to give back to the society because of the response from the brain.


Describing Jorge Moll


Jorge Moll is a qualified medical professional from The Federal University of Rio De Janeiro. He completed his residency from the same school and headed out to receive his Ph.D from the Sao Paulo University.


Lee May Beamridge; Steering the 10K Fundraising Program

Lee May Beamridge formerly known as FS Contracting Ltd was established on 25th April 2013 by a group of directors who had accumulated construction experience and wealth of more than 100 years having its registered office located in Chislehurst, England. Currently, there are two active directors and no active secretaries according to the latest confirmation statement submitted on 25th April 2018. It has been running for 5 years and 1 month. Lee May Beamridge is a private limited company with share capital.

Lee May Beamridge is involved in construction management, design and build, residential and commercial refurbishment, land acquisition, aftercare and fit-out which aims at making profits. Lee May Beamridge have delivered innovation and ingenuity to the construction industry while maintaining the highest industry standard in quality and safety. By building strong ties with clients, Lee May Beamridge has been a trusted option for clients by ensuring a professional, worthwhile and affordable delivery which exceeds the standard expectations at all times.

Lee May Beamridge Ltd plans to be part of a program that sponsors a 10k run donates to Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club, which targets to acquire a new minibus. All the cash from the 10k run will be given to the club to motivate them into keeping up the good work they do to the community. Lee May Beamridge is using crowdfunding which is a new method of fundraising where one can raise funds for personal cause even if one is not a registered charity.

Lee May Beamridge is also sponsoring Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club not only for the minibus but also in improving the general well-being of the club which seeks to give their members the best opportunities especially young boxers. Besides boxing, the club has over time been anchored in bringing up the growing generation of young ones in a family setting and encouraging them to acquire values and life skills that make them better members of the society.

Lee May Beamridge also wants to help in purchasing of sporting equipment for the voluntary Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club and also in purchasing a new boxing ring since Lee May Beamridge has always shown interest in boxing and the opportunity to sponsor the project feeds part of his purpose.