Talkspace Teams with Michael Phelps to Raise Awareness for Mental Health Issues

If you are constantly worried or under stress or feeling trauma long after any tragic event occurred in your life, then maybe counseling with a professional therapist can help. A professional therapist would understand what your major concerns are and would provide you with a solution that would get you out of that depressed mental state. Many people tend to ignore the symptoms of depression and anxiety, but these symptoms and signs should not be taken lightly. It can cause a lot of issue in the future if ignored as depression can lead to feeling suicidal as well. Talkspace has become the number one platform online for people who are looking to consult with the professional therapists.

There are more than a thousand therapists at Talkspace, and more are getting added on a regular basis. No matter what your mental health issues are, rest assured that the professional therapists at Talkspace would be able to deliver you the solution that you are looking for. Talkspace has emerged as one of the leading online sites and app based in New York that has helped hundreds and thousands of people in the last couple of years to deal with their mental health situation in a calm and composed manner. Many youths who are tight on budget or don’t want to open up about their mental health illness can privately consult with the therapist at Talkspace. It provides you complete privacy and discretion that would ensure that you feel comfortable discussing your private matters online via video call, voice call, text, and even e-mail.

Michael Phelps joined Talkspace to make people aware that they can get treatment for mental illnesses and to fight the social stigma attached to it. Michael Phelps had his share of struggle with depression in 2014, and like most others, he was afraid to get help. It was then that he realized that he could seek help with a licensed therapy though texts and videos and felt comfortable with it. He spoke about his experience because he thinks that people with serious depression want to know that they will be not be judged by others while still get the treatment they need.