Kamil Idris on Globalization and Intellectual Property

Mr. Kamil Idris was one of the people in leadership working at the WIPO, World Intellectual property organization, with headquarters in Geneva. He has been in his line of work for over twenty years and has amassed vast experience in the field of business as a whole.

In a recent interview, Mr. Kamil Idris spoke about the topic of globalization and what impact it had on the way companies have been outsourcing their product contract manufacturing as well as managing their supply chains. Globalization influences business and intellectual property significantly. The two go hand in hand, and that creates a lot of work for his line of expertise.

It is highly relevant to all countries that ideas, which is intellectual property, is the foundation of all business and it drives every economy in spite of its size and stability, forward. That fact makes it critical to protect intellectual knowledge and for business and individuals to be aware of how to navigate that field. Unfortunately, intellectual property is not at all adequately address in most countries, on an overall level. Policies depend on the land, first and foremost, but moving pas that, businesses handle the field very differently from one another even if the companies themselves are similar in nature, size, audience, location, and so on. That goes to show what a vast divide there is in the business sector when it comes to intellectual property.

Mr. Kamil Idris believes that with the globalization of information and business, and with the internet being an ever-growing asset for companies and the average consumer alike, handling intellectual property well is a critical aspect of work. The World Intellectual property Organization (WIPO) has a number of services available to that business from any location in the world can use. The organization offers resources for educational purposes that employees and business owners can use to achieve a better grasp n intellectual property and how to navigate the field adequately. Mr. Kamil Idris strongly recommends business owners pay more attention to the area and educate themselves and their employees on the matter.


Not being able to work with intellectual property can have vast effects on business and individuals alike. Using someone else’s intellectual property can easily result in a court case and cost a corporation sometimes millions of dollars. With the ongoing globalization and the sheer amount of ideas being put out there, it is essential for every creative to become familiar wth the area of intellectual property.