The list that makes up the collection agency IC System stands out

The customers and communities will have the varying connecting with companies in the world of connections. Though the agencies what they are known of is the work they contribute, not so many will be able to equal the services that IC System will be able to provide. The company is well known for them having the accounts receivable they have the history needed in offering their services because of working with different clients. The experience that they have is of 9 years.

Ruth and Jack are the once that come together to found IC System in 1938. St. Paul, Minnesota is where the company is headquartered, the primary goal that the company has is they would offer their customers with the services that are honest and ethical. It’s has passed the three-generation but what the company has been able to maintain is the reason why it was created in the first place. Independent organizations have been recognizing the ethics that the company has when it comes to the services they provide. The thing that best described that is the award that they received for the Better Business Torch and they maintained the prize for the three consecutive years. They have been in existence for a decade as it has gained the reputation of being a leader and innovator when it comes to the collection industry.

The firm has gained the recognition of being the first collection agency all over the country to be in favor of the computers then they got eliminate the typewriters. The spirit of innovation that they had then has continued even in the present days, with them making sure that with the regulatory standards they will follow. Apart from the commitment they have when it comes to innovation IC System will value the importance of assisting the community by the use of the corporate initiatives. They will do by making sure that the employees of the firm will participate in the volunteer project. The current and past charitable organizations that IC System has contributed too are toys for tots, the Special Olympics, the American Red Cross and many more.


Financier and Investment Expert- Christopher Linkas

The Real Estate industry has been commercialized, and those who do it for commercial purposes have an opportunity to invest their capital into new property Commercial real estate is just any other investment and it can be divided into several levels and types depending on the level of risks as well as the income it is yielding. The commercial real estate grouping might seem so straightforward, but one needs to have an expert to explain o them. Christopher Linkas is an experienced real estate investor and listed below is his explanation of the different types of commercial real estate businesses.


Opportunistic Properties: this is a very high reward property investment, but it is also very risky. According to real estate experts, these types of properties might be vacant at the time of purchase but do not have a flow of cash. To realize possible returns, this type of commercial real estate investment will require a huge amount of capital.

Core Properties: it is considered to be the lowest risk of investment in the commercial real estate sector. These types of properties have a ready cash flow and they are well established. Core properties are well maintained and they do not require any renovation.

Value-add properties: it is another type of commercial investment opportunity. This type of investment also have cash flow, but some improvements might be required. The improvements may range from renovating the buildings to meet the required standards to increase rent.


Chris Linkas has been working in the financial industry for an extended period and he has gained vast experience in the sector. Christopher Linkas is the Managing Director of Fortress Investment Group a position he took in 2012. Prior to working in the financial group, Chris has also served in several other financial facilities among them Goldman Sch which is a commercial mortgage joint venture. Chris was the Vice President of the commercial real estate firm. Other positions include the Vice President of RER Financial Group Inc. To achieve his success, Chris Linkas has worked hard. His advice to people is that they should find and do what they are passionate about.


Glen Wakeman Provides Three-Step Plan to Long Term Business Success


It is common knowledge that the long term prospects for small businesses are very low. In Miami, it has proven particularly difficult for small businesses to succeed long term, with the five-year failure rate ranging from eighty-five percent to an astounding ninety-eight percent. Despite the solid economic recovery following the Great Recession, these numbers have not improved.


An article on the Miami branch of Patch Media has detailed the advice of long-standing business expert Glen Wakeman on how small businesses can survive long term, even in an area as seemingly hostile as Miami.


First, the article suggests that certain elements such as undercapitalization – the lack of adequate funds needed to sustain a business venture – and fiscal mismanagement – the misuse of funds on hand, regardless of whether or not they are adequate – are blamed for the failures of businesses disproportionately to how much effect they actually have. In reality, according to the article, proper acquisition and use of funds does not guarantee success, as failure tends to usually be connected to issues surrounding sales rather than issues surrounding funding.


The article points out that most successful businesses inadvertently utilize useful sales techniques as simple as leaving signs on their door or offering free products and services to attract customers.


Glen Wakeman suggests a three-step plan to persevere in even the most difficult of markets. First, he suggests a focus on the perks and benefits of a service or products when soliciting customers, as opposed to a focus on its features and capabilities. An example would be to suggest that a running shoe provides cushioning and minimizes pain, as opposed to simply touting that it comes with a memory foam sole.


Second, Wakeman encourages searching for evidence that contradicts already held beliefs, so as to not launch a business with ideas that will prove themselves wrong and lead to the demise of the business.


Finally, Wakeman suggests the building of a dispassionate support system of people not emotionally attached to the business, who are capable of dispensing advice and providing feedback and criticism without any qualms.



Some tips that can be learned from Graham Edwards

Without any doubt, it takes a lot of work to for a company to meet its goals and grow. This explains why visionary leaders are very essential in organizations. The success story of Telereal Trillium under the leadership of Graham Edwards is very inspirational. Being the CEO of this company, he has done everything possible to ensure that it takes a leading position in the property development sector of the UK.


Graham Edwards has dwelt on sealing partnership deals which have enabled the company to gain substantial financial benefits. The first deal that saw this company grow was that of the 2001 partnership with British Telecomholdings, BT. It was able to acquire 6700 properties owned by BT. The other deal that Graham Edwards led was in 2009 whereby he acquired Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc. The success of these deals has enabled Telereal Trillium is ranked among the best in the industry.


Graham possesses superb leadership and management skills. He acquired them through his previous working experience and also through his education. He holds a degree in economics. He also used to make significant investment decisions for Talisman Global Asset Management. He also held various management positions in Merrill Lynch Investment Management. These experiences coupled with his passion for the investment field are significant towards his growth as a leader.


Besides his experience, Graham Edwards has established a culture that is supportive of his strategic plans. Employees and other staff members in this organization have already realized about the benefits of Graham Edwards’ execution of projects. Additionally, this leader has created a platform for talent development and individual growth. He can identify an opportunity and also pursue it in a manner that realizes enormous value.


At this day when competition between companies is very high, the leadership of people like Graham Edwards is required. There is the need for a person who can establish plans that are not only beneficial in the short term but also in the long run. The economy is very unpredictable and should a financial crisis arise, companies that lack strategic plans can fail terribly.


Stansberry Research Shows The Problems Facing Warren Buffett In Recent Years

In recent years, the role of Warren Buffett has been almost untouched as a business icon who has been involved in the U.S. economy for decades as his position as one of the richest people in the world and leading investor has been secure. Stansberry Research has recently been looking into the role of Warren Buffett and his Berkshire Hathaway company which remains one of the largest and most profitable in the world.


Stansberry Research has a range of bloggers and investment specialists who are willing to research companies and form opinions about the quality of the company and how they are being managed. One of the most impressive aspects of the Stansberry Research business model is the willingness to hold their experts to account for their advice and opinions; at the close of each year, independent experts evaluate and score the work of the editors, experts, and journalists working with Stansberry Research to make sure they are giving high-quality advice to all subscribers.


The fact each and every member of the Stansberry Research team is evaluated for their performance each year makes it clear to all the quality of the work being completed remains high. Publishers would not look to explore the health of a company such as Berkshire Hathaway without a high-level of confidence in the opinion being put forward which shows a change in business model has had a great impact on the work and value of the company known for making Warren Buffett a billionaire.


Berkshire Hathaway had previously developed an impressive business model which included a group of profitable insurance companies and already established companies know to subscribers at Stansberry Research as “the inevitables”. Low-risk investments such as Coca-Cola and other established low regulation companies only added to the profitability of Berkshire Hathaway decision to invest in the energy sector has limited the growth of Berkshire Hathaway as the company has required a major capital investment which has hit profits and limited their growth since the early 21st-century.


Serial entrepreneur Jeb McCaleb and his new venture, Stellar

The serial entrepreneur, inventor, and programmer, Jed McCaleb, is well-known for his early adoption and creation of cutting-edge, Internet platforms and websites, like Mt. Gox. And when it comes to hot technology like blockchain and other new methods of payment involving Bitcoin, McCaleb is right there, spotting the trends. Recently, McCaleb created a cryptocurrency-based project called

When Jed McCaleb produced the first Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, he didn’t waste much time holding onto his groundbreaking website — McCaleb sold his Bitcoin platform just a year after he had made it. For a stellar person like Jed McCaleb, being on the cusp of cutting-edge technologies as an entrepreneur and a first-mover is a quite customary part of his life.

McCaleb started making a real name for himself in the web platform building world in the year 2000. McCaleb created the peer-to-peer file-sharing software program, eDonkey. It was the first-of-its-kind to allow multiple computer nodes download files.

In terms blockchain and crypto currency’s future, McCaleb asserted that blockchain technology will be the driving force behind a universal process involving banking transactions. McCaleb also believes that blockchain technology will be directly involved in stock trading. can be the solution for opening this untapped business sector because it works as an open-source network of banks that can choose to be directly involved in cryptocurrencies.

And for the projected, 2 billion people who live in a world with no direct access to banks and other financial entities, the Stellar Foundation was designed by McCaleb to assist with these barriers to entry. McCaleb argues that Stellar Foundation is an important business and technology solution based on the notion that can bring affordable, yet reliable methods for banks and their potential customers to do business. Cryptocurrency, much like Bitcoin, can fill the rift between the 2 billion people without banking systems, and important financial entities that are eager to build business relationships, internationally.

Jed McCaleb’s vision entails a world where banks, which are working with his platform and additional tools, can be a part of an open-source network that is secure, affordable, and stable.

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The Oxford Club And Investment U Provides Members With Investment Advice

The Oxford Club is a group of independent entrepreneurs and investors. The group makes use of strategic strategies for investment to consistently gain greater than average returns against the market as mentioned on this post. Recommendations by the Club entail picks for precious metals, foreign currencies, real estate, bonds, and equities.


The Chief Executive Officer of Oxford Club is Julia Guth and she has assembled a talented team of executives proficient in sales and marketing, research, publishing, and a variety of other disciplines. Based on their account, the Club hires highly-qualified strategy experts with experience with a variety of asset classes.

Investment U

According to this article, Investment U was founded in 1999 and is the arm of the Oxford Club involved with education. The organization produced the first site on the web that focused on independent financial education. Independent U Daily, is a free e-letter that provides readers with courses, conferences, videos, as well as a variety of other resources to help them gain the knowledge necessary to achieve financial independence.

The daily e-letter also offers a premium version called Investment U Plus and comes complete with daily stock recommendations in order to give readers the information necessary to take action in the quest to obtain “liberty through wealth.” The daily plays detailed in Investment U Plus are courtesy of Investment U’s group of seasoned experts in financial markets. The experts at Investment U have been featured regularly on Fox Business News and CNBC, in addition to many of them being best-selling authors and Wall Street portfolio managers.

About The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club mission is to empower the 80,000 members that depend on the club for investment advice with the tools necessary to gain and protect wealth. The Club has been successful at this goal for more than 20 years.

The Oxford Club philosophy is that the best financial opportunities are often discovered outside of financial advice provided by the mainstream press. Oxford Club performs research on a multitude of viable investment opportunities before selection the opportunities with the highest potential for profit to share with member.

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Oxford Club Strategies Are Big Winners

The Automatic Trading Millionaire Service is attempting something that is gaining a lot of attention from potential investors. They are attempting to make everyone that uses their service and advice a big winner in the market. Certainly, some are just saying that it was just plain dumb luck. However, they proclaim that all their clients were big winners. Some suspect that this is due to the bull market. Buyers were encouraged to buy because the share prices were rising steadily. However, they also claim that using a bull strategy in a bear market, when stock prices are falling, works too.

The Automatic Trading Service Strategy

The service has made it a winning year by using this strategy. They buy all their stocks at a huge discount. This requires patience and the discipline to wait and jump on that opportunity, once it is presented. However, it is also important to realize that all the winning strategies in the world do not work without an options account with Oxford Club. Setting up an account with the Oxford Club is simple and only takes a few minutes of your time. In fact, it takes longer to drink a cup of coffee or smoke a cigarette than setting up your Oxford Club options account.

Setting Up Your Oxford Club Account

Getting started is easy, if you already have a regular stock trading account. Simply sign on to your regular stock trading account online. Look for options or client services. Fill out the information that is required on a form that is presented. For example, select the type of trade options that interest you. If the process seems a bit too complicated, contact your broker for more advice.

About The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is a private, worldwide network of successful investors and financial experts that are changing the investment game. The company was founded in 1989 and is located in Baltimore, Maryland.