From Pediatric Surgeon to Mentor

In the world of pediatric surgery, there is no better man suited to meet the needs of children than Dr. Saad Saad. IN his forty two years of professional service Dr. Saad has been able to save the lives of thousands of children, and alter the paths of many families as a result. Dr. Saad comes from a background that could have made life very difficult for him here in the United States of America, a fact that never once dwindled his resolve or change his mind on what he wanted to accomplish for himself. This idea is something that can be used as an example to others, and one of the main reasons why Dr. Saad has decided to provide advice to other professionals, regardless of career choice.


One piece of advice that Dr. Saad gives is to stay focused on daily tasks and make sure to start and finish them when you think about them. Procrastination can be a dangerous and hindering decision to make, leading to nothing being accomplished and additional tasks quickly piling up as nothing ever gets resolved. Dr. Saad suggests completing tasks as they come to you so that you are always free to perform the next one. BY making yourself always ready to take on new things are are opening yourself up to higher levels of success no matter what it is that you do. This leads to goal setting, which is one of the single most important things for any professional to focus on.


The ability to set goals, no matter how big or small, is an important trait for professionally minded people to have. Goals allow us to place achievements and milestones in our path so that we have something to look forward to in the near future. If we work on achieving our goals than we have a purpose in life, which, as Dr. Saad suggests, will make all the difference in whether or not you are a failure or a success in what we choose to do. In regards to a doctor or other medical professional, having goals can save lives and alter the futures of patients that come before them.


Dr. Saad Saad has spent his entire life being goal oriented and focused. He has not procrastinated, especially when it comes to things he wanted in life. IN his forty two years as a well known pediatric surgeon, he has, on more than one occasion, completed what was considered to be the impossible. Now that he is retiring from medicine he will undoubtedly continue to work in the medical field, not as a doctor, but as a professional mentor to assist those entering the field to serve patients. Learn more: