NewsWatch TV review

Nathalie Van Wijkvliet is the CMO for Avanca International. Avanca International sells trendy technology accessories for items such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. She has worked with NewsWatch TV twice so far, and has only positive things to say about the team, support and overall experience. The first time she worked with NewsWatch TV was to promote a crowdfunding campaign for a Windows X PC that fits in your pocket. She attributes much of the crowdfunding campaign’s success to the market exposure provided through NewsWatch. Their campaign ended up reaching 96 million households and raising 2,939% of their goal during the 30-day campaign period – that is more than twenty nine times what they needed.
NewsWatch Tv is a long time running, 30 minute show that focuses on technology news and the business sector surrounding it. The show and it’s site are known as a beacon of knowledge for the latest tech reviews and stories. The show airs on the AMC network (an Ion Television affiliate). It debuted in March of 1990, and as of September 8, 2017 it has aired 1,229 episodes. The popular show stars hosts Andrew Tropeano and Michelle Ison. Other featured reporters are Leslie Alston, Eric Forrest, Amanda Forstrom, Scott Steinberg and Chris Vaughn.
NewsWatch TV Reviews has dedicated their mission to the always having the latest information in tech (both news and reviews), making them a central focal point for tested and true product knowledge among a large market of tech-savvy consumers world wide.

End Citizens United Bring Sanity into the Democratic System

End Citizens United has endorsed Senator Heinrich for re-election. Mr. Heinrich is well known as a staunch advocate for serious and helpful finance reforms. He is also known to have played a significant role against the flood of undisclosed and unlimited money in politics. According to Tiffany Muller, the current president of End Citizens United, Mr. Henrich has been on the fore front fighting for the rights of the minority, and has over the years consistently rooted out money from the political system to help New Mexico families. Mr. Tiffany Muler believes that Mr. Henrich will help to fix the broken campaign finance system.


Henrich is determined to change and ultimately mobilize interested parties towards fighting against corporate spending in the elections of the country as a way to completely end the corruption in the election system. Most corporate, both national and international, use financial muscles to buy their way into the government, from the House of Representatives and up to the White House. End Citizen United has promised to connect the senator with over 30,000 members spread across New Mexico along with 360, 00 political donors to ensure that he has adequate resources to win the election. The ECU political donors have in the past raised over 1.4 million dollars for Jon Ossoff’s and New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan.


According to information published by USA TODAY, End Citizen United has so far collected more than $4 million within the first three months since it started its contribution campaign. It is estimating to raise over $35 million ahead of the Congress election that is to be held in the mid-2018. End Citizen United is a Political Action Committee (PAC) aimed at supporting and promoting candidates who have the best interest of the country. Within the first quarter of the year, the organization has received donations from over 100,000 people of whom 40,000 were new members. According to the president of the committee, the number of members is expected to continue growing over time.


In the recent weeks, the political action committee has successfully been able to convince its members to contribute half a million dollars to support the first-time political candidate of Georgia Mr. Jon Ossoff. The 30-year-old Congress member surprised the political establishment by raising over $4 million for the special election held on April 18th to fill the vacant seat that was occupied by Tom Price, the Health and Human Services Secretary. End Citizen United operate as a tradition PAC, and it does not allow donations that are more than $5,000 from an individual member. This donation cap has helped the organization build and increase its membership base. The group has vowed to continue bringing sanity into the political system through supporting visionary political leaders.