Securus Technologies Ensuring Contraband Phones Use is Restricted inside Correctional Facilities

Prison industry has to deal with numerous different threats, and among them, the biggest one is that of the use of cell phones inside the prison. Even though cell phones are a boon for people and allow them to stay in touch with their loved ones from anywhere and anytime, for prison sector, it is a bane. Today, cell phones are available for cheap and are easily smuggled in the black market. People use these to make illegal calls, and many use it to make threats to people without being traced to them. Even the inmates are using these cell phones to plan their illegal works from within the walls of the prison. Even regular checks have not been able to stop the inmates from getting the contraband phones inside the prison.


However, Securus Technologies, one of the highly popular correctional firms in the industry has been able to develop a technology that would keep the contraband phones away from the prison. The wireless containment system developed by Securus Technologies would jam the signal for the contraband phones and ensure that it doesn’t get connected to the network carrier. Thus, the contraband phones become useless, and the inmates can’t make phones calls from it. Securus Technologies for long has been investing in research and innovation, and developing contraband interdiction technology is one of their prime priorities. With the help of the contraband interdiction technology, many lives can be saved, and the correctional ecosystem would be much safer as well. It would help the law enforcement agencies to control the crime rate, inside and outside of the prison too.


The story of Robert Johnson is well-known in the corrections space. He used to work for the correctional facility with the primary job responsibility of confiscating the contraband packages, but due to his ability to do so efficiently, an inmate ordered him to get murdered from inside the prison using a contraband phone. Subsequently, a criminal visited the home of Robert Johnson and shot him six times, but somehow he survived. After undergoing numerous surgeries and recovering from his injuries, he wanted to do something for his fellow officers. The incident changed his life completely, and now he is working with Securus Technologies as a consultant to help make technologies like wireless containment solutions to ensure that such event does not take place again.


Robert Johnson believes that Wireless Containment System is one such technology that is going to change the prison sector for the better. It is a system that is not just fool-proof but cannot be hacked by the best of hackers. Making prisons safe is the duty of the prison owners and the government, and he feels that they should take it very seriously so that they can save more lives.



The Fantastic and Powerful Merge Between Securus Technologies and GovPayNet

There are many atrocious events, accidents and risky situations that happen in the corrections facilities. The fact that there are now many accomplished companies that offer solutions for such problems is one stellar indication that we have really evolved.



One such company that offers solutions to the government institutions today is Securus Technologies, and right now the company is adamant in its passion to make sure that they can control not just the unethical practices inside the prison, but also make sure that the people inside get the human rights, conveniences and benefits that are due them, as provided by the Constitution.


Acquisition of GovPayNet


One such move to make sure that the inmates have the benefits they deserve is reflected in the decision of Securus Technologies to acquire GovPayNet, and expand its future growth and holdings. Everybody already knows that Securus Technologies is already a leading tech provider of solutions for the government prison systems, but with the addition of GovPayNet in its line-up we can expect that the inmates in prison and their loved ones can use the solution-oriented credit and debit card payment systems made available from GovPayNet to make all the payments easier. There’s more: with this new addition from Securus Technologies, those who have traffic violations, or are in need of bail money and other real estate and property tax payments, can now already pay their fees with much more convenience.


With GovPayNet’s platform, it’s now even more exciting for people to expect more from Securus Technologies. Right now, the current BBB ranking of Securus from the Accredited Business Score Bureau is A+, and with such addition of GovPayNet, there’s still more to expect from the company. How great is it that Securus can even go beyond the A+ ranking that it already has? Truly, Securus Technologies has the alacrity and passion to only offer the best to the people.



Securus Technologies Making Life in Prison More Tolerable

Each year our state prison gets more crowded, yet our staff remains the same. This means that each year my team of corrections officers are outnumbered by a bigger margin, and that can put a tremendous amount of pressure on us to maintain order. In all of Florida, our state prison has the highest concentration of violent gang members, which just adds more fuel to an already burning fire.


There are a few ways that we try to keep incidents from getting out of control. Despite the inmates having free reign in the yard, if we can eliminate drugs and weapons from the mix, we have a better chance of everyone staying safer. To try and make this facility as safe as possible, each morning we will perform a number of cell inspections. During these raids, we can use drug dogs to locate anything the inmates could be hiding.


When the inmates have guests come to the jail, the visitor center is where most of the contraband changes hands. To limit these incidents, we scan guests first, then inmates before they go to their cell block. Even if we get a small amount of contraband, it helps to keep violent outbreaks to a minimum.


When Securus Technologies came to our facility and installed a call monitoring system, it was the beginning of a new day for officers. These inmate call monitoring systems designed by this company are in well over two thousand jails, and helping to keep the peace. The system scans all calls and can quickly pick up chatter that is pertaining to a number of illegal activities.


If the LBS software is able to detect any chatter on a fight, drugs, contraband, weapons, or gang related issues, we can quickly take care of the issue and avoid it become a dangerous one.


Rick Smith Creates More Opportunities for Administrators

While most of the prisoners are supportive of Securus because of the things that they can get from the company, all of the efforts that Securus has been able to do and put into place have all been a huge part of the process for the administrators and making things easier for those who are running the prison. Rick Smith cares less about the prisoners and more about how Securus is able to help the prisons get what they need to make sure that they are secure and that the prisoners are taken care of. By providing people with the Securus services, Rick Smith is helping the prison to be able to run more smoothly and to make things better for the people who are in the prison. By doing this, Rick Smith has set the company up to become better and grow with all of the prisons in the United States.

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Rick Smith Securus is based out of Dallas, Texas, but they have spread to prisons around the country. There is no one area that Securus is more popular than others and that has helped them to grow in the way that they need to. By branching out, Rick Smith knows that things will get better and that Securus will continue to grow. There are many new options that the prison company has to offer their prisons thanks to everything that Rick Smith has done for them and the ideas that he has had for the company to keep offering different things.

While it may seem irrelevant, one of the biggest factors that has made things better for Rick Smith is the fact that he has a degree in engineering. This degree, combined with the experience that he has, made it easier for him to develop things like the kiosks. It also helped him to come up with detailed plans to make the prisons function more smoothly. Even the distribution methods that he uses for the commissary products and the options for the prisons are heavily influenced by the engineering experience that he has with the different companies he worked for in the past. Visit for more info.

Rick Smith has always done his best to make prisons better and to promote a better workplace for the people who are there. Securus is a project that he has been working on as the CEO and it has come a long way in the years that he has been there. While he started nearly 10 years ago, Securus has grown by a lot in the time that they have had him as the CEO. It is a great way for people to be able to get more from the industry and from the companies that work with the prisons.

Securing and Ensuring Safety in Correctional Institutions

The Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 to offer expert and innovative telecommunication services, information sharing platforms and parolees tracking for detainees. It operates in more than 2, 600 facilities across America and Canada; therefore, it has stamped its presence as a leader in the correctional industry. The organization has been able to serve as many as 500,000 inmates since its founding.


Securus Technologies is a non-profit firm but solely mandated to provide top-notch solution-oriented approaches. Its headquarters are in Dallas. However, it has other regional and state offices located in Allen, Carrollton, and the Atlanta State in Southern America.


The organization is highly connected and has spread its presence in the entire Northern American regions. The latest offices that opened to increase the managerial staff saw branches open in Canada, as well as making significant amalgamations, which brought the net wealth and asset base close to the tune of $600 million. The figure is minus patents and new innovative technologies.


Products offered at Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies provides a network and a highly intricate connection between government agencies, private individuals, and the correctional institutions. Information retentions and dissemination was boosted in 2016 when Securus introduced unique gadgets. The devices were used to track down contraband phone accessories within the prisons and the correctional institutions.


Comments made by Securus’ customers

Most clients the firm has served in the past commend the organization for the innovative and technological approaches it has taken to not only facilitate easy reach and communication but also reduce cases of contrabands. Tracking options have assisted in minimizing the cases of theft, which had become rampant amongst the inmates. Life in the correctional centers has been made tolerable since inmates are no longer using too many drugs or facing constant threats. Additionally, comfort has been created and made a priority, thanks to the improvements made by the Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies Is A Successful Venture

People are always wondering how Securus Technologies is able to achieve success. But this needs to be seen differently. It is the customers of Securus Technologies who are achieving success here.


This company is focused on providing safety solutions. This is through technology. These are solutions to keep inmates, their families, as well as parolees and the entire community in general, really safe.


Securus Technologies is well aware how serious their role is. Safety has become a part of the DNA of nearly every employee here. In fact, this company has extended an open Invitation. This is to its clients and even the prospective customers. It asks them to visit the Knowledge Center. Securus Technologies is always bringing out some innovation. This can be as an added feature or even a product or even some new service being provided by them. They wish that their clients know more and make use of all these innovations in their operations and make the community a much safer place to live in.


The clients of Securus Technologies are mainly jail as well as prison officials. They are continuously giving feedback regarding their offerings. And Securus Technologies is a company that takes this feedback seriously. They incorporate this feedback into their product as well as services on a continuous basis.


There was a call between two siblings that was intercepted by the authorities. Here the older one is telling, the younger one about how to answer when questions are asked about a recent shooting. This way a lot of valuable information reaches the relevant authorities. Eventually, it helps to solve cases this way.


All this information reaches the company through formal letters as well as emails. These are about using their technology for solving such criminal cases. There are also questions about the covert features that can be used to arrest culprits, and so on.